Robo Advisor MYTHEO Waives Management Fees

Robo Advisor MYTHEO Waives Management Fees

by April 6, 2020

MYTHEO a robo-advisor regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia issued a statement assuring investors their business remains capable of serving customers and that they have sound business continuity practices in place.

The robo-advisor further added that their processes are highly digitalised from front, middle to back offices and they do not anticipate service disruptions.

He advises investors to not feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, instead, he urges investors to look at this as a good opportunity for them to get their investment strategy in check.

Ronnie said in his statement,

“Start by setting aside your required emergency funds. Then, leverage on your excess fund and plan out a long-term investment goal. Practice dollar-cost averaging by starting small and invest gradually with a fixed amount regularly. Also, ensure your investment is well diversified. Time in the market is more important than timing the market.”


In the same statement, Ronnie also announced that they will be waiving 3 months of management fees effective 1st April 2020 for existing clients as a gesture of appreciation. He reassured investors that MYTHEO adopts a disciplined investment methodology with diverse assets supported portfolio rebalancing and optimisation driven by smart innovation and complemented with a competent team.