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InterSystems Prioritises Data Security, Scalability and Compliance for Financial Firms

The financial sector, long recognised for its complexities and necessary vastness, requires innovative, secure, and efficient data management solutions. Kenneth Kuek, Country Lead for InterSystems, speaks to Fintech News Malaysia on what InterSystems brings to the table to even the

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InterSystems Survey Highlights Data and Tech Obstacles for Financial Services in Asia Pacific

Financial services firms across the Asia Pacific are facing an ever-increasing array of data and technology challenges stemming from both the growth in the volume of customer and business data being generated and the proliferation of data siloes across different

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How Do You Approach Your Data in a New Way by Making It Smarter

In the era of rising customer expectations and savvier consumers, financial organisations are under increased pressure to provide customers with hyper-personalised experiences. In fact, more than half of customers expect to always have personalised offers and 66 percent expect companies

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