Inside Maybank’s Goal-Based Investment Strategy

Inside Maybank’s Goal-Based Investment Strategy

by May 8, 2024

In Malaysia, there’s a proverb that goes, “Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit.” It translates to “Little by little, in time, it becomes a hill.”

This phrase aptly captures the essence of investing and financial planning. For many Malaysians, however, this term is more of a challenging riddle than a clear concept.

There’s often a gap when making informed investment decisions and financial planning. This gap, left unaddressed, can lead to unnecessary financial mistakes, lost opportunities, or even financial setbacks.

In today’s unpredictable economic climate, where job landscapes are ever-changing and unexpected financial challenges are always lurking, understanding one’s financial realm is indispensable.

Being well-versed in investment nuances ensures your hard-earned money isn’t merely saved but grows to support you when it matters most.

Diving deeper into the World of Investments

But why the emphasis on investments? Let’s explore this a bit.

When you save money, it sits there, safe and sound. But in a world where inflation exists, the real value of this money can diminish over time. The bread that cost you a dollar today might cost two tomorrow.

So, while savings are essential, ensuring your money grows is equally critical. Investments offer the potential for this growth. Your money can be multiplied depending on where you invest and how the markets perform, offering returns that outpace inflation and provide a cushion for your future.

The data underscores this importance. With predictions showing the retail savings and investments market in Malaysia growing at a compound annual rate of 4.4 percent from 2022 to 2026, the potential is undeniable.

However, an interesting observation emerges. Deposits comprise nearly 59 percent of the Malaysian retail savings and investment landscape, suggesting a strong affinity towards traditional savings avenues.

While reliable, the returns from traditional savings avenues may not match the potential returns from a well-diversified portfolio in the long term. This presents an opportunity, a new frontier to be explored and conquered.

What is Maybank Goal-Based Investment?

Imagine an investment feature that aligns closely with your life goals, be it purchasing your first home, securing funds for your child’s education overseas, or ensuring a comfortable retirement.

Introducing Maybank Goal-Based Investment, a feature that simplifies investing in your life goals. For Maybank customers, this becomes accessible on both the MAE app and Maybank2u web platform.

This feature presents a range of Unit Trust funds options matching your unique financial situation and needs, starting with an investment as low as RM200. This approach allows you to align your investment choices more closely with your financial objectives, offering a streamlined and user-centric investment experience.

What makes Maybank’s offering stand out

In the dynamic world of finance, Maybank introduces a feature that empowers you to simulate, invest, and track your financial goals efficiently – all in one place.

Whether you’re on the MAE app or using the M2U Web platform, Maybank Goal-Based Investment makes investing easy on the go. It offers a broad selection of Unit Trust funds from top fund houses, tailored to suit various risk appetites and investment goals.

Maybank’s approach to investment is about offering variety and flexibility. You have the freedom to choose from an array of investment options, including traditional and Shariah-compliant funds. This variety ensures that no matter your investment preference or financial goal, there’s a suitable option waiting for you.

Demystifying the notion that investing requires substantial initial capital, Maybank makes entering the investment world more accessible.

With minimal charges and a low entry point for investments, it opens doors to financial growth for a wider audience. The digital-first approach Maybank adopted through the MAE app and M2U Web further simplifies the investment process, making it more approachable and less time-consuming than traditional methods.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Setting out on a Goal-Based Investment journey with Maybank is akin to having a trusted guide by one’s side every step of the way.

Secure Start: When you begin, you’ll enter your PIN for safety, ensuring your journey is secured.

Maybank Malaysia

Finding Your Comfort Zone: Maybank helps you figure out your investment style – whether you like to play it safe or take a bit of a risk.

Maybank Malaysia

Setting Your Goals: You can choose what you’re saving for – like buying a home or planning for retirement – and see how you can get there.

Maybank Malaysia

Making Smart Choices: They guide you through picking your first investment, keeping things clear and easy to understand.

Choosing What Suits You: You have various options for investing, so you can find something that fits your goals and how you feel about risk.

Transparent and Open Process: As you move along, Maybank keeps you in the loop with regular updates so you always know what’s happening with your investment.

Keeping Track: You get a dashboard that shows you how your investments are doing, helping you keep an eye on your progress anytime.

A warm welcome with zero sales charges

Stepping onto the Maybank platform marks the beginning of an even more exhilarating investment journey.

The platform is set to welcome users with a special promotion: a 0 % Sales Charge Campaign for the first investment of each goal you created, running from now until 25 June 2024.

Simply putting your first investment into any available Unit Trust funds will incur zero sales charges for each new goal you set. This initiative is Maybank’s welcoming gesture, making your first steps in investment both rewarding and encouraging.

Investing is more than just a series of numbers and graphs; it’s a journey that’s uniquely yours. It’s about nurturing your hard-earned money, allowing it to grow and as a backbone for your future aspirations and needs.

To take advantage of this offer, you need an active Maybank2u (M2U) ID/account with access to the Maybank2u website or the MAE by Maybank2u app. This opportunity is available to all individuals at least 18 years old, residing in Malaysia, and possessing valid identification.

Investing doesn’t have to be a complex maze. With consistent and disciplined investment practices, you can ensure that your funds are not just static but are actively working towards securing your financial future.

This limited-time sales charge promotion is accessible to all new and existing Maybank customers with a Unit Trust investment account.

Opening a Unit Trust investment account has been made effortless and cost-free; customers can conveniently set up their accounts online through the MAE app or M2U web.

This approach streamlines the process and opens the doors to a world of investment opportunities right at your fingertips.

Empower your financial future

We’re living in exciting times. The financial landscape is evolving, and with tools like Maybank Goal-Based Investment, one will be better equipped to face the future challenges in the financial industry.

It’s more than just a product; it’s a partner, a guide, ensuring that no Malaysian is left behind in the journey towards a brighter financial future.

Dive deeper, get more insights, and start your investment journey today.

It might just be the beginning of an enlightening journey towards achieving your dreams. After all, in finance, knowledge isn’t just power; it’s prosperity. Invest now in the MAE app and Maybank2u web.