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4 Big New Features You Can Expect from Your E-Wallets in 2019

PayNet Malaysia handles much of the underlying network for payments and banking in Malaysia. Owned by both Bank Negara Malaysia and a consortium of banks. The once controversial DuitNow launched by many Malaysian banks is one facet of the relationship between

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PayNet & Soft Space To Enable Card Payments Acceptance Using Only Smartphones

Malaysians will soon be able to enjoy a new payments service that was made possible thanks to a partnership between payment company Soft Space and Malaysia’s national payments network PayNet. Dubbed as Fasstap, businesses will be able to use any

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5 Misunderstandings About PayNet’s DuitNow—Answered

Here’s where we stand on this DuitNow function that was launched by PayNet, and will be adopted by 44 banks by 6th December 2018—honestly this should have happened much sooner, and it is a step in the right direction towards

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